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Nigeria Senate Intends To Put An End To The Payment Of Ransom For Kidnapped Family Members

Lawmakers in Nigeria Senate are considering a bill that will make payment of ransom for victims of kidnap a criminal offence.

This is the main information in the Terrorism Prevention (Amendment) Bill, 2021, that a Senator from Imo East (Eastern Nigeria), Francis Onyewuchi announced on 20th of May.

Francis wants the law to charge anybody who pays ransom for the release of victims who are “wrongfully confined, imprisoned or kidnapped” with a crime of felony and possible jail term of “not less than 15 years”.

The proposed bill that has passed the second reading, look like it's targeting private individuals, the lawmakers didn't mention what will happen if government pay the ransom or if a company pay.

The business of 'kidnap for ransom' has risen in Nigeria in the last one year, and unlike how the crime is common in some places before, recently, hoodlums have spread the business across the country.

However, Northern Nigeria are still experiencing the most serious type of this crime as since December 2020, over 700 students were kidnapped from five schools.

In Nigeria, most people eventually pay ransom for the release of their family members who are kidnapped as they believe that they don't have any other option.

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