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Opinion: Why Sheik Gumi's Condemnation Of The Money Spent At Buhari's Son's Wedding Is Not Justified

Many things have been said of the glamorous affair that was the wedding between President Buhari's son and the Emir of Bichi's daughter. The event saw the coming together of hundreds of dignitaries from all over the country, including political rivals willing to put their differences aside in respect of the occasion. Another talking point of the whole affair was the sheer number of private jets present, indicative of a lot of money spent. However, controversial cleric, Sheik Ahmad Gumi, was apparently not pleased by the show of wealth.

Photo credit: Punch Newspaper.

It was reported that many private jets landed at the Aminu Kano International Airport, because of the wedding of Yusuf Buhari and Nasiru Bayero. While a lot of Nigerians may have seen it as awe-inspiring, Sheik Gumi called it a waste of public funds. In a sermon held at a mosque in Kaduna, the controversial cleric said that the money used in getting those aircraft could have been used to pay ransom for the release of students kidnapped by bandits. He also decried the condition of the poor in the society that have been neglected by the government so far. 

Photo credit: Daily Post.

While this argument by Sheik Gumi may seem praiseworthy, it is important to know where he is coming from. Gumi is a person who has incessantly advocated for the payment of ransom to northern bandits, in a bid to make them cease kidnapping. He argues that financial problems is what drove former Fulani herdsmen to kidnapping, and what the government needs to do is give them funds to set up other ventures. The cleric has also asked that the use of the military in fighting banditry should be discouraged, because it will only lead to more violence. 

Photo credit: The Whistler.

This argument is flawed on the ground that paying ransom to kidnappers is highly unlikely to make them stop. The money will only act as an incentive for them to get better weapons and raiding equipments. If a person is financially desperate enough to resort to the evil of kidnapping and gets rewarded with money, would such a person be willing to give up the trade? There is also the risk of more people turning to crime upon noticing that the government always pays up.

Photo credit: The Guardian Nigeria.

This is the reason there is no justification for what Sheik Gumi said in his sermon. Even if public funds are really being mismanaged in the hiring of private jets by government officials, as alleged, it remains preferable to giving funds to bandits. What needs to be done by the government to end kidnapping is a serious crackdown on bandit dens.

Photo credit: Desert Herald.

Sheik Gumi is privy to the knowledge of the locations of these dens, since he often visits them in person. In the interest of peace, the best thing for him to do is divulge the information to the appropriate authorities and allow them do their job, with the strong backing of the government. 

Do you agree with the view of this article? Is Sheik Gumi right or wrong in seeking ransom payment to bandits? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below, and don't forget to like and share the article for others to contribute. 

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