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See What A Lady Did To Her House Help (fiction)

This world is a wicked world .

How do people do something evil and still have peace of mind

Whenever you are opportune to have a house help,take him/her as your own .

This life is unpredictable you don't know if your house help can turn out to be your destiny helper.

Just in this morning,

A young guy came out of the house crying bitterly because of what the madam did.

She beat him and severally injured him just because he slept last night forgetting to wash the dishes .

She followed him outside the house and kept on beating him if not for the rescue of some neighbors .

This lady in question have grown up kids who can also wash dishes.

Whenever you treat your house help like that,you are also showing to your children how bad and evil you are .

Your children can as well be someone else help if you are no more .

Will you be happy to see your children be treated like that .

If you are among those with house help,try your best to treat them well .

No one knows how tomorrow will turn out .

Some women are wicked .

And for those parents who give out there children as help,be careful because not all humans are humans.

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