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Ika and Ndokwa People are Igbos despite denying their Igbo ethnicity

The division of the Igbo nation has been so clear and devastating since after the civil war. The division of the Igbos into states that are mixed with different tribes has been a big cause for the rejection of their identity.

The most common of these divisions is that of the people of Ikwerre, Ika, Aniocha, Ndokwa, Oshimili, etc.

Aniocha, Ndokwa, Ika, and Oshimilli are Igbo people and nothing can change it. Our Ancestral Igbo state is known as Anioma. They forced us into delta state and that's why today if they want to call us they will refer to us as Delta-Igbos meaning the Igbos in delta state.

But today it is a pity and very shameful to see some Ika people saying they are not Igbos all because they want to answer Niger Delta which they don't even know the meaning; some even claim to be bini of which they don't even understand come in Bini language. How can you be saying "bia" which is an Igbo dialect and be claiming bini? Are you normal? How can you bear an Igbo name and claim you are bini? are you sure you are okay?

If you are one of such from Ika who deny their Igbo identity my dear it is high time you wake up from ignorance and tell yourself some truth. can a Yoruba man give birth to a child and give him or her an Igbo name?

No, then ask yourself why our parents in Ika are always giving their children Igbo names.

I am proud of being an Igbo man and nothing can make me deny my ancestry and identity.

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