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Fulanis were very kind and generous people say Admiral Jubrila Ayinla (Rtd)

Speaking during a programme; The Chat on Channels Tv on Friday 17th July 2020 Retired Vice Admiral Jubrila Ayinla, former Chief of Naval Staff relived how the Fulani community where he was born gave him eleven mother cows out of love for him and a show of how much they accepted his family, but he was quick to add that those Fulanis were different from the ones we are seeing now with AK47 killing people.

What has changed? Well as the saying goes” a lot of water has passed under the bridge. For many years Nigerians of all parts have lived with the Fulani people in relative peace. From time to time, there were usually skirmishes here and there arising from trespassing, destruction of farm produce, and other minor misunderstandings with the locals. However, things have changed for the worst now; we hear stories of Fulani burning a whole village down, raping women, destroying farms, and shooting people with high caliber military weapons.

I had reason to interview a Fulani woman that sells Fura and Nono for me, I asked her a question “is your husband among the Fulanis killing people? And she said no those Fulanis are different, in fact, we too are afraid of them” then another question; where are these dreadful Fulanis coming from? She says she doesn’t know, but definitely, they are not the ones that live in Nigeria.

Should I say this confirms the saying from some quarters that there are foreign Fulanis in Nigeria responsible for the killings and other atrocities we see every day across the country? 

The Retired Vice Admiral Jubrila Ayinla said the Fulanis loved him so much, they wanted him to be like them; they wanted him to be a cattle rearer, but as fate would have it he becomes a military officer.

How can we differentiate between the killer Fulanis and the loving and generous Fulanis? Unfortunately, this is a secret they will not reveal to you. They speak the same Fulfulde, they live together, they don’t reveal the identity of others.

How long shall we continue to bear the brunt of some reckless killers? The Nigerian police have a slogan which says “Police is your friend” and they encourage citizens to volunteer information that could lead to the arrest and possible prosecution of these unwanted guests, but people are afraid of doing that because there are stories of how people volunteered information and later were killed by the same killers. Resorting to self-help may not work, because if you are caught by the law enforcement agents, you will be prosecuted. 

But I was told that our security forces are among the best in the world, how come they are failing in addressing the issue of insecurity in the country? Our security forces perform wonders on foreign missions, what is hindering them performing the same at home? If there is a change in the leadership of our security formations, could that bring a lasting solution to this lingering security crisis? I don’t know, am just thing aloud.

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