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Opinion: The Reason Akeredolu Should Not Be Carried Away By The Success Of His Reconciliation Move

As a means of gaining the hearts of the aggrieved party members of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo State, the incumbent Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, has being meeting with the members to reconcile with them as the Ondo Election approaches.

After the APC primary election in Ondo State, one of the governorship aspirants, Olusola Oke, called on Akeredolu to reconcile with the aggrieved members, and Akeredolu yielded to Oke's advice. Though the reconciliation meeting is still ongoing, the previous meetings with the aggrieved members have yielded good results, at least to Akeredolu.

Some of these aggrieved members of the party have been neglected by Akeredolu for about three and a half years, but Akeredolu, because of his ambition to emerge as the governor for the second term in the forthcoming election in Ondo State, subjected himself to reconciling with these members, which did not bother prior to this time. So, it is possible those aggrieved members say yes to Akeredolu's reconciliation move but deep in their hearts, they already know what they want to do, that is, the person they would vote for. When these members were neglected, it was Ajayi who took up their responsibilities. Do you think those aggrieved members would now abandon Ajayi at this critical period when he needed them most? I think it is impossible.

Undoubtedly, those aggrieved members Akeredolu thinks they have accepted his reconciliation might be playing politics with him and he hoping they would work for him. So Akeredolu should rejoice less as the success of the reconciliation move does not depict that those aggrieved members would eventually support him.

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