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The Most Interesting Decision President Buhari Made On October 1, 2021

There was a plethora of joy in the heart of every Nigerian and lover of Nigeria, as Nigeria celebrated her 61st Anniversary on October 1, 2021. The 61st birthday was to mark her Independence Day, the day Nigeria got freedom as a Nation, from the British hands.

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There was more enthusiasm among Nigerians after President Buhari made his Nationwide broadcast to mark the 61st Anniversary. In his broadcast, he addressed many pressing issues in the country, giving the citizens hope that most of the country's challenges would be surmounted soon.

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The What Was The Most Interesting Decision President Buhari Made During His Nationwide Broadcast?

Among all the issues President Buhari addressed during his Nationwide broadcast, the most interesting decision he made was the Conditional Lifting of the Twitter Ban.

According to a report on SunNews, President Buhari, during his Nationwide broadcast, directed that the ban of Twitter should be lifted only if Twitter can meet the following requirements: National security and cohesion, registration, physical presence, and representation, fair taxation, dispute resolution, and local content.

Why Is It An Interesting Decision?

I would still say it again that the decision of the President to lift the Twitter ban is a very interesting one, and I must commend him for that.

Though Twitter is known by some people as a mere social media platform, it is more than a social media platform.

Twitter was one of the most used social media platforms for business purposes in Nigeria; many entrepreneurs and business owners in Nigeria had greatly relied on the platform for promoting their businesses.

According to my research, DigitalMarketingSkills reported that over 90 percent of Nigerian businesses now rely on social media platforms, for running their businesses.

I would still like to tell you that there are many businesses in Nigeria that exclusively run online, and don't have any physical presence. These kinds of businesses had relied only on social media platforms like Twitter, to be functional.

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This greatly suggests that many people must have lost their businesses because of the Twitter ban; many people must have lost their source of income because of the Twitter ban; many people must have been jobless because of the Twitter ban; many people must have been frustrated because of the Twitter ban.

I'm very sure you know what it means to be jobless in Nigeria? Even those that have something doing are not finding it easy, then imagine what would be the condition of one that lost his source of survival completely, for almost 3 months since when Twitter was banned.Image Credit - BusinessDay

Not only on an individual aspect, but I believe the Nigeria Government is also losing some wealth due to the Twitter ban. According to my research, Punch reported that Nigeria's economy loses up to N102.77 million every hour due to the Twitter ban. Then imagine how much that Nigeria might have lost from June to September; that should be over N300 Billion.

So would we continue to lose such an amount of money? Should we continue to watch our economy go down drastically every hour? Do you know currently, that $1 is equal to N410? I think it's high time we do something to bring back our economy to normal!

Recall that on June 5, 2021, the Federal Government of Nigeria placed a ban on the use of the social media platform, Twitter. The reason for the ban was not far from president Buhari's claim that the platform was being used by Nigerians to organize, coordinate, and execute criminal activities; propagate fake news, and promote ethnic and religious sentiments.

But I believe Nigerians have learned their lessons, and won't misuse the platform again.

What's your view on this?

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