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Too Bad: See What The Ongoing "Lockdown" Has Turned People Into

This is the third week since lockdown began in Nigeria and frankly speaking its not going well as people are going broke to the extent that they cannot even get three square meals a day and this has been leading to some awful things that people do to get food or money for feed.

Some of the ways deviced by people are;

Robbery, stealing, pickpocket, attacking of trucks carrying food items, and other awful things of that nature which in most cases these acts are been performed by innocent people that were not involved in this kind of unlawful activities before the lockdown began due to the pendamic of covid-19.

On the other hand, there is this set of people who decide to deal with this lockdown brokeness of a thing in the pathetic way. These people come out of their houses everyday wondering around looking for place they can get free food items from the good reach people.

There is these people I saw around my neighborhood, who came to share food as usual because they come to do the same from time to time, but they are government officials. As soon as they started sharing the stuffs, in no time people started trooping in from nowhere as if they have been waiting for their arrival. Because the crowd was too much they asked them to cue up so everyone could get their share.

The length of the cue alone can tell that poor Nigerians are hungry to the extent that they are begging for food and its very unusual even amongst the poor people.

In a short time the place got overcrowded that even the cue could not hold anymore. Some people began to take food by themselves because they could not wait for their turn and that's how everything got scattered and only Strong and lucky one's were able to get.

Here are some pictures

Some of the of people had to turn around empty handed as they were not able to get anything which was too bad for them.

This should not be happening to Nigerians, we are better than that.

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