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2023 Elections - Igbo, Hausa & Yoruba's Possible Ways For Voting The Next Nigerian President In 2023

The 3 major tribes that makes Nigeria great are Igbo, Hausa and the Yoruba's. These tribes are all blessed with natural resources that helps in the growth of the Nation. However, these 3 tribes in Nigeria are mostly classified based on what they do best; For instance, The Igbo's are known for being very good with business while the Yoruba's value education very well, the hausa's are also good in the aspects military and security.

However, the combination of these great tribes have made Nigeria a superb nation today. If not for the unity of these 3 major tribes, it would have been difficult for Nigeria to gain freedom from the colonia Master.

According to Nigerian late hero's history, Ahmadu bello was an Hausa activist who contributed so much in the freedom of Nigeria from the hands of the British, Nnamdi Azikiwe was also an igbo activist while Obafemi Awolo was a great Yoruba activist. All these great men joined together in bringing forth freedom to the dear nation "Nigeria".

Nigeria have been great and was once the giant of Africa in the past, however recently lots of chaos have hit the nation which leads to lot's of tribal conflict and dispute among the citizens of Nigeria and their Government. The tribal conflict have even made some tribes to try and exclude themselves as part of Nigeria.

Presently, The Igbo's are agitating for Biafra Nation, while the Yoruba's are agitating for Oduduwa Nation. These agitations have leads to several lost of lives in Nigeria, but it could stop if the Government could do as the Nigerians youth demands in 2023 Presidential election.

The upcoming 2023 election can possibly bring forth a big change in Nigeria. The change include, either separation of these lovely tribes nor long term unity. However, the separation could be the outcome of the government going against the youths demand in their previous Endsars protest, while the unity could be as a result of the Government complying with the youths.

In Every nation, The youths are always the full force of that nation, if 90% of Nigerian youths stays at home during 2023 election, then election might not hold. However, the youths has the number of population in Nigeria. Their presidential vote in the upcoming 2023 election will possibly determine who will rule Nigeria again.

As it stands now, the Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba's will possibly come together and particpate in the upcoming 2023 election if the Government grants the youths freedom to create their own parties and contest in the upcoming presidential election. Failure to do so by the Government, the youth might not comply with the idea of voting for any old politicians in Nigeria again.

For Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba's to possible vote in peace and one heart in the upcoming 2023 election, the government should grant the youths freedom to contest elections. However, that the possible way these 3 tribes could come together and vote for a new Nigerian Leader.

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