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3 Main Reasons Wike And PDP Should Not Take The Silence Of Secondus For Granted As He May Fight Back

The silence of the embattled National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Prince Uche Secondus should not be taken for granted by Governor Nyesom Wike and others in the party.

It would be recalled the Rivers State Governor and other forces within the PDP opposed Secondus and got him to step aside. The whole opposition to get him out led to his suspension from his Ward 5, Ikuru in Andoni LGA, Rivers State. At last, the suspension of Secondus was upheld by the ruling of the High Court in Port Harcourt. All these happened in Rivers State ruled by Governor Wike making it more credible that Wike is in support of the whole move to remove Secondus.

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At last, Secondus stepped aside while the legal battle continues. The Deputy National Chairman of PDP (South), Elder Yomi Akinwonmi is now the acting National Chairman of PDP. Currently, PDP is set to hold its national convention to elect a replacement for Secondus and other national executives. But, Wike and PDP should not think that the silence of Secondus means that he has conceded defeat. They may get a shocker from his. This article discusses three reasons why they should not take his silence for granted as he may fight back any time soon.

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Secondus vowed to fight back to defend himself: After his was restrained from parading himself as PDP member and Chairman by a court in Port Harcourt, Secondus pointed accusing finger at Wike and other forces as being behind it. He also vowed that he would fight hard to defend himself and stop ''desperados'' from hijacking the party. He added that PDP is a child of history and Nigerians can remember the story. This means that he is ready for the battle ahead.

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He has a pending suit in court against his suspension: This is another serious threat to Wike and the PDP. The pending case in court may go either ways. In any case, Secondus boasted that he is not afraid of the court. He also said that he will fight the legal battle to the end. Now that Secondus has a pending appeal against his removal, if the court rules in his favour, it would mean game over for his opponents. It will also mean that all that the party has done so far including its plan to go ahead with the national convention to replace Secondus may not stand. Secondus is quiet working on how to get his facts and defense right ahead of the court's ruling.

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He may play the spoiler at worst: Secondus may choose to play the spoiler at last. What this means is that he may use his many supporters and loyalists to oppose the move to conduct the national convention in his absence. This manifested when some of his loyalists in Kebbi got a favourable court order that reinstated him ahead of the PDP's National Executive Committee( NEC) meeting.

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Although, another suspension was issued against Secondus before the meeting. But, if the court fails to rule on his appeal until the day of the national convention, then Secondus may play the spoiler through his loyalists and supporters. They will simply boycott the event and may even oppose it. They may also file court suits and get the order of the court to stop the event especially when it is clear that there are pending state and other congresses as well as others marred by controversy. If this happens, it will draw PDP back and afford Secondus more time to re-strategize. Within this period, the court may give its verdict on the appeal he filed against is suspension.

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