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Gov Ortom serves food and drinks to his Aides and others

Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State awed his Aides, security personnel, drivers, domestic staff and journalists when he invited them to his dinning and served them food himself.

Similar to the humility and servant hood that Jesus Christ did by washing his disciples' feet, Governor Ortom humbled his Aides when he told them: "you have served me all these years, please let me serve you this way, today".

At first, even with the Governor's inviting demeanor, everyone was too shy to take the Governor's offer. Soon enough, one by one, driver and domestic staff, security personnel and senior aides as well as journalists queued to be served food and drinks. The Governor said to the awed guests, "anyone of you could have been here as Governor and I could have been anywhere amongst you."

The deepening in bond was obvious. The admiration for the Governor's practical example of humility, was evident on every face and - as the gathering broke - on every tongue.

Reacting to the gesture, Principal Special Assistant to the Governor, Mr Abraham's Kwaghngu spoke the minds of all when he said that, in the Governor, everyone here has long seen in the Governor, a father, an epitome of humility and kindness. A thunderous amen greeted Abraham's wishes for the Governor to soar higher and higher.

The take away was that service be reciprocal; that those in privileged positions be humble; and such disposition should tickle down the hierarchy. It was another exciting day with Gov Samuel Ortom.

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