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Latest Senator Outfits For Lagos Big Boys (Photos)

If you reside in Lagos and you do not have a proper Senator outfit in your wardrobe then you need to fix it up as soon as possible. Lagos is known as the center of excellence, however, it is also the center of Owambe. This means every other weekend in Lagos is an Owambe party. As a guy, you are supposed to have at least five senator outfits in your wardrobe so that these events do not come as a surprise to you. Here are some latest senator outfits for Lagos big boys that you might like. 

The thing about living in Lagos is that you need to always wear your best because your helper might just be in that event you are stepping in. Of course, you would be addressed the way you are dressed, so you have to always be in your best. These senator outfits would always make you stand out no matter where you go. 

Please tell me the ones you would be making in the comment section below. 

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