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Open Letter: Exposing the Decay In the Kaduna State People's Democratic Party; By Col. Albehu Dauda

The Chairman

Peoples Democratic Party


Wadata Plaza




The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in my State, Kaduna State has been at the cross roads for quiet some time now. The reason for this situation is simply on account of the self interest and the pursuit of same by an ingrate and a fifth columnist deeply entrenched in the highest echelon of the PDP in Kaduna State. Sadly and most tragically the individual responsible for the dwindling fortunes of the PDP in Kaduna State is none other than the former 2 term Governor and Senator who benefitted from the 16 years of the PDP era much more than anyone else from our State. It is this same individual who has turned traitor and the ultimate undertaker of the PDP in Kaduna State.

Before proceeding any further to lay out my case I should state who I am. I am a retired Colonel of the Nigerian Army an institution that I still take pride in. While in service, I did not only serve the Nigerian Army but this Nation and in some instances some other Nations in the International System up to retiring.. Shortly after retirement, I joined in the political struggle under the All Progressives Congress (APC) at that time simply because I thought that the APC had something different and positive to offer Nigerians. I worked along with others to ensure the APC took power in 2015 but by 2018, I realised I had been duped and so left along with others to the Reformed All Progressives Congress (R-APC) in 2018. The R-APC later collapsed itself into the PDP pursuant to an MOU entered into between it and the PDP. From both the National and State levels the aim was to strengthen the PDP to retake power. But in Kaduna State, the former Senator and former governor in the pursuit of his selfish ends ensured that the MOU was not consummated which is the only reason PDP lost Sir Kashim Ibrahim House. 

Both at the National and in my Kaduna State since the tsunami of 2015, we have been in the opposition. The truth about this ugly situation in the case of Kaduna State is simply because there is an APC mole or fifth columnist working assuredly to undermine the PDP from within. If PDP was deserving of a traitor/fifth columnist in her ranks there is no way any of the foot soldiers could have expected it would be this Oga at the top. The question arises then could money have been the attraction for this treachery? Many will answer in the negative as this individual had all the time in the 16 PDP years in which he loomed larger than life at least in Kaduna State to have made all the money. When the APC threw up Candidate Buhari for the presidency, it is alleged that this former governor, former Senator and later a Caretaker Committee Chairman of the PDP undertook a pilgrimage to the candidate of APC and donated some money to the effort. It is said that he did this because he was eying either the Governorship of the Central Bank of Nigeria or the position of Finance Minister. The APC did go on to win the presidency but no mention was made of this Oga in the cabinet. It would have been the very height of absurdity for this individual to have been deserving of an appointment in an APC government when he had not come clean to declare his defection to the APC. Surely this is the kind of script that fifth columnist act.

Shockingly, he has remained a wolf in sheep clothing. I doff my heart to those politicians who were holding public offices but who for personal reasons left the APC and returned to improve the fortunes of PDP, and later paid the ultimate prize of not returning to those positions and or offices they held prior to 2019 after the general elections as the APC did all within her powers to ensure that none of the Senators who left and joined the PDP returned to the Senate.. Whether in Kaduna State or elsewhere, such individuals are men of honour. When the former governor and former Senator failed in his unserious bid for the presidential ticket of PDP he quickly recoiled back to Kaduna State for the Senatorial ticket of the Northern Senatorial zone of our State and he lost again. History has it that this individual has never won in a free and fair contests politically. He still had what in my former constituency is called a '' Fallback position'' to the extent that he had singlehandedly put in office an Exco that was completely subservient to his manipulative politics. It is these same Excos he used to subvert the will of the delegates during the governorship primaries in Kaduna which ended up throwing up a candidate for the office of governor of Kaduna who was lacking in character and carriage. As soon as the APC camp heard the outcome of the PDP primaries the celebrations started in Sir Kashim Ibrahim House well ahead of the election itself and so did not even bother to campaign further as victory had been assured them in the candidate of the PDP.

We had told them that unless the PDP fielded a charismatic candidate, PDP would lose the election. The PDP at the instance and manipulation of the former governor and former Senator, ended up fielding a candidate who lacked in almost every respect the capacity and prospects of winning. I think that it is better that PDP was said to have lost outright at the ballot even if this was untrue because had PDP been pronounced the winner, it would have been more tragic and certainly APC would have gotten a cheap victory at either the tribunal or the courts as the APC had all the evidences to upturn any PDP victory. Even before the elections, it was being insinuated that there was a secret working arrangement in Kaduna State between the APC and this high level mole and political traitor. What could the benefits have been is not clearly discernible but a monetary prize is good enough and am sure this was the case with the 2019 general elections. As far as this individual is concerned only his narrow self interest matters. He has never had the interest of Kaduna State at heart politically and otherwise. What have the electorate of Kaduna State not done to this individual? For a truth he is greatly indebted to the electorate of Kaduna State and not the other way round.

Let us face the facts and tell the story as it is. Could it have been possible for any serious presidential candidate to get to work without a formal declaration first in his home base and subsequently elsewhere? There was not even a single campaign office set up anywhere The only political strength this individual may have had was to the effect that he vacated the seat of PDP Chairman to the incumbent. He very clearly stood no chance and the outcome proved everyone of us right. It is said that the total expenditure of his failed presidential bid was refunded sling with a handsome cash gift by the more magnanimous victorious candidate of PDP. He there after returned to his home base to do battle with some of his most trusted Exco members who apparently did not vote for him at the Port Harcourt Convention. The best course of action for this individual would have been to resign his membership of PDP and formally declare for the APC because he has been unmasked.

Now that he is back home, he had earlier given his support to the setting up of 2 Committees in the Kaduna State PDP, the first one to undertake a review of the 2019 general elections in Kaduna and the other to chart a way forward to 2023. The 2 Committees were dully inaugurated and were doing the job well when the same so-called leader of PDP in Kaduna State deflated the balloon in mid air. He was obviously afraid that he would be exposed particularly in the manner campaign funds for the last general elections where shared. This individual has made his notorious guest house along Sambo Close in Kaduna the actual PDP State Secretariat as against the State Secretariats at No 1 NDA junction Kaduna. It is in the innermost chambers of this notorious guest house that major decisions regarding PDP in Kaduna State are taken. No 1 NDA junction only houses a few staff but all financial as well as other very important discussions and decisions take place in this guest house under the directives of the failed presidential aspirant.

Most worrying is the fact that in spite of many petitions addressed to the Chairman of the PDP, nothing has been done to right these wrongs which is why the PDP in Kaduna is in a state of utter confusion. Some of us have been wondering if the former CTC Chairman is now bigger than the National leadership of PDP. It just came to light that this individual not happy with the result of the Ward Congresses in Kaduna State, has been attempting to substitute some names with those of his anointed favourites even after the official list had been submitted to Wadata Plaza. A certain Mr Adeyeni a Director of Organization under the National Organizing Secretary is said to have been serially used to achieve this dubious scheme. If this fraudulent scheme succeeds for whatever reason(s), then the will of the people of Kaduna State would gave been subverted.

If the meddlesomeness of the former PDP CTC Chairman is not urgently checked, the road to 2023 would have been heavily mined. In returning home after the disastrous outing in the presidential bid, he is determined to create an idol out of himself such that nobody in the politics of the PDP in Kaduna State can be anything without paying obeisance to him. If indeed the PDP is a political party drawing its strength from the electorate then this individual ought not hold the electorate of Kaduna hostages to his whims or caprices. The entirety of the decision making mechanism of any descent political party should be seen to distill from the electorate. Therefore all card carrying members of our Great Party should have no roadblocks placed along their paths by any individual no matter their positions. The dubious decision to suspend or dismiss some prominent members of PDP in Kaduna State was pursuant to this individuals evil agenda for the State PDP. I though that rather than suspending members from the PDP the door should have been flung open for more members to join in while aggrieved members are reconciled.

Finally, while observing that PDP is the party to beat in Kaduna State in any free and fair political process there should be no sacrifice too big to be made to ensure that the party is reconciled and positioned to regain power. Only an astute leader can achieve this feat. I so submit. To God Be The Glory.


Albehu Dauda Gora 

Col (rtd)


16 July 2020

Copy to: 

-All Members of the PDP National Working Committee.

-All Members of the PDP National Executive Committee.

-All Members of PDP Kaduna State Working Committee 

-All Members of the PDP Kaduna State Executive Committee.

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