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See an SA to a President who is now a Beggar? (Photos)

Nothing last forever is a popular phrase that no one will doubt if is true or not. Because people we see in our various domain of living is a clear proof that the saying is true and what it is.

Someone will be rich today, tomorrow the person is poor, not just poor but extremely poor.

Report have it that 87% of aged poor people in the world were richer and wealthy than they are now

This particular case has been attached to be a cause of a man within the age bracket of 80-90 years.

He was a special adviser to an African president who ruled as a president for 32 years.

The special adviser to HE. President Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire (Now DRC) was captured begging in the street of Congo.

The president appointed the unnamed special adviser at the very moment when he was crowned as the Congo president in 1967.

What surprises everyone is that the S.A worked with the federal Government of the francophone country for over 30 years but still begs in other to eat.

He was seen in the street of Kinshasa begging for money.

A Nigerian Facebook user on seeing the photo said, "Always prepare for tomorrow, Never can tell what future is all about. Always prepare for that Old age.

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