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Why the police should name the Gov who bribed INEC officials with 1bn for election in Anambra


The vanguard news report has it that the November governorship election coming up in Anambra state may have been bought over by a governor, with the sum of 1 billion naira. The Anambra election has been in the news for some time now. Many of the news reports were based on unfavourable security reports. Recently, the convoys of Governor Obiano were attacked by unknown gunmen.

The Nigeria news report says that the Nigeria police may be deploying over 34,000 men to monitor the Anambra governorship election. This has been criticized by Nigerians, who demand to know why such a number of security men will be drafted to the East Business Hub, since the zone is not at war. The report from Nigeria's online news about the bribery allegation against a governor is another piece of bad news from the East. The issue of corruption cases in Nigeria is no longer a new thing, since it has become obvious that anything goes and nothing happens.


The Kano state governor was accused of being involved in dollar bribery. However, no one could say whether the allegation was investigated or not? If it has been investigated, what was the outcome of the allegation? Nigerians are tired of hearing such news that will not likely be investigated at the end of the day. Why are they saying that a governor gave INEC officials over 1 billion naira without mentioning the name of the alleged governor? It's obvious that this allegation would never see the light of the day.

In Nigeria, many people have been named as the sponsors of terrorism, but the FG has refused to make their names public, saying that they were prosecuting them. Where are they prosecuting them? What has been the outcome of the prosecution? Concerning the Anambra election, Nigerians may be uninterested in what online news outlets report until security agencies do the necessary by naming the suspected governor and INEC officials to see that justice is achieved. The security report from the security agency failed to even mention the zone the governor came from, since we have 36 governors in Nigeria.

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