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1 Legal Action Southerners Should Take That Can Stop Arewa From Retaining Power At All Times

As Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari prepares for the end of his second term of tenure in 2023, politicians from different parts of the country continue to work hard to produce a president who will succeed President Buhari.

Political differences have already erupted between politicians in southern Nigeria and their northern counterparts over the region's 2023 presidential candidate. Southerners continue to call for the presidency to consider the zoning system, which has always been used by some politicians, but northern politicians have rejected the idea of southerners due to the lack of a zoning system in the Nigerian constitution or of political parties.

(Southern leaders. Photo credit: Google.)

The issue continues to draw the attention of southerners in light of the fact that northern Nigeria (Arewa) has been holding the presidency for a long time, and this is due to a large number of states in the north in addition to a large public population. This gives Northern politicians victory over Southern candidates every time an election is held.

Of course, this issue needs to be carefully considered in light of how northern Nigeria continues to govern, even though it is not illegal in the Nigerian constitution. Therefore, it is an opportunity for southern leaders if they desperately need the power to move south.

What opportunities do southern leaders have?

(Southern Governors. Photo credit. Punch.)

Ensuring the existence of a zoning system in Nigeria's constitution is the only legal action southern leaders can use to gain power. Therefore, southerners should advise their representatives of the National Assembly to enter into a resolution to ensure zoning in the constitution.

Ensuring a zoning system is the only step that will stop northerners from continuing to retain national sovereignty at all times because they are obedient to national law. This will allow southerners to retain power without any challenge at all times.

(Northern Governors. Photo credit: Facebook.)

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