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"Ask and it shall be given onto you" See how much this lady got from Facebook just by asking

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This story really shows what so many people are really going through in their respective lives and day to day activities.

Have you been so broke to the extent you and your family could not afford to pay your school fees,to the extent of you even quitting school?

So many people go through this and you are about to know one person who was in such a situation but she was able to speak up and ask for help from people she didn't even know.

Meet Judith Ijeoma who is a Nigerian and a student of Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri,she was going through financial crisis at the time but at first someone promised to pay all her bills only if she could get married to the man. At this point so many people would agree to do anything just to make sure they could feed and even go to school.

But Ijeoma refused to marry the man just because of this reason but she never lost hope that she could still go to school.

What you should know is that Ijeoma got help from her HOD and her room mate to complete the payment of her HND post UTME exams when she needed to write her exams,she got the help and was able to write her POST UTME exams.

Another problem which Ijeoma carried for so many years was the payment of her University fees,all through the time in ND II and HND I and HND II she never paid her fees and so all the fees was just accumulating and gathering up until the time of her clearance.

Am telling you not everyone would take the decision to continue their school even when they know they can't afford to pay their fees. For Ijeoma their was no hope for her at the beginning but she continued writing her exams and going for class.

It was never easy for her,she was always struggling for every bills she had in school.

Now its time for her clearance and this time Ijeoma needed 200k for all her outstanding bills, with no one to help her. She asked and pleaded with anybody that could help her with her clearance bills but she was always getting a no from everyone she came in contact with.

One year gone already and she had not started her clearance and she was trying hard to get the money but no help was forth coming from any source. She was also at that time responsible for helping her mum and her three siblings.

So after a while,she made the decision of bringing her problems to Facebook, she posted that she needed people's help and needed to get her certificate and apply for NYSC, and so she dropped her account details

These was her last move,the only move she could make and her only hope. But surprisingly after she pleaded on Facebook she got massive reactions from a lot of people.

She only needed 200k but surprisingly before the end of the day,she already had over 400k in her account already.

She was so happy at the reaction from different people and more money was still entering her account that she had to tell her Facebook friends that she already has what she asked for.

She had to tell everyone that they could stop sending as she already had more than what she asked for.

Now she could pay all her bills and more.

Whatever you ask for, your helper will find every way possible to find you In Jesus name.

Pray for yourself.

What do you think about her story.

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