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Why the South East may not be able to produce the next president of Nigeria

Political enthusiasm is what determines the output in any given election. What determines who wins the presidential election is a game played with collective bargaining, agreement, hard work, and commitment. For the APC to dislodge the PDP in the 2015 general elections and take the presidential position was not an issue done in an emergency room in a hospital, but a coordinated attempt by people of like minds who came together from different backgrounds to dissolve their political parties into a mega party.

In politics, power is not given, but fought for. Obasanjo was elected to be the flag bearer of the PDP and won the 1999 election may be for the already won and lost presidential rights of the Yorubas, because of Abiola. The Igbos are playing second-hand politics in Nigeria, not because they are the minority, but because they are not ready to lead and, at the same time, not united.

If Igbos were united, why would they fight one another during Obasanjo's regime, etc that the post of Senate President was allocated to them? Before the end of Obasanjo's regime, they produced over three Senate presidents, because they were alleged to have fought one another and removed one another to emerge the next Senate president. Today, the battle of who will become the next president of Nigeria is ripe, and the southern governors' leadership has declared that the South must produce the next president of Nigeria.

If the South should produce the next president of Nigeria, who is the most qualified and positioned group to take the slot if not the South East, which has not produced a civilian president since the return of democracy in 1999? If the South West is made president, it means that they are going to be there for the second time in less than 20 years. Should the South South be allowed to go in, they will be having it for the second time in less than 10 years, and the Igbos will be like a son who has no father nor mother. Once this opportunity is lost, they may wait for ever to rule Nigeria. The issue is not with Nigerians, but with the South East Governors and the leadership of Ohaneze Ndigbo.

People who could not attend the meeting of the Southern Governors in Enugu, where the issue bordering on power shift to the South was discussed, would not be taken seriously for anything. When you are away when your matter is being discussed, it simply means you are not interested. Recently, they could not even meet and discuss the end of sit-at-home, and the insecurity state in the East, until they saw that the Igbo elites have started going down, meaning that anything concerning the welfare of the poor is not their business. They have not met since the PDP presidential candidate was zoned to the South to see if they could get the ticket. If they are serious-minded people, they can emerge as the PDP and APC Presidential ticket candidates, when Nigerians see how ready they are to lead Nigeria.

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This kind gesture happened during Abiola and Tofa Yoruba's Presidential ticket. The only thing the Igbo leaders know how to do is paper work, blow political grammar without coordinated attempt, and plan. They have even warned of supporting seccession activities should Igbos not be allowed to produce the next president of Nigeria. Nigerians are waiting for the Igbos to begin due consultation with the north and south political parties and power blocs before requesting support to become Nigeria's next president, rather than making unrealistic demands in their air-conditioned offices.

What do you think would likely make the Igbo leaders know what they should do to become the next president of Nigeria? Kindly send us your comments below the box. Share and like this work. Follow us for updates.




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