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PHOTOS: 6 Years After Akpabio's Tenure, See How Uyo-Itam Junction Now Looks Like Under Udom's Watch

If you were in Akwa Ibom State, or lived around the State six years ago, you might have been hearing some songs that eulogized the beauty and serene ambients of the state. Many Musicians such as MC Galaxy, Mish and others, came up with inspiring and glorifying music albums and tracts all which pictured the Beautiful city of Uyo and Akwa Ibom State at large. At that time, You might have been hearing of some songs like - " I Want to go home, I'm from Akwa Ibom, Akwa Ibom Ayaiya...". This, and similar songs came to the music stage in Akwa Ibom State during the tenure of the then Governor Godswill Akpabio whose administration gave birth to do many infrastructural and social amenities in the state.

Among the numerous beautiful places in Akwa Ibom State that used to attract both local, national and international admiration include Itam Junction where the Goodlock Jonathan Flyover is located in Uyo Metropolis.

Itam Junction was one of the most beautiful places constructed by the then Governor Godswill Akpabio in Akwa Ibom State. The junction, which serves as the first entry point of Uyo City while accessing the city from Abia State through Ikot Ekpene, was very much adorned with wonderful street lights, water fountains, water turbine, photo gellary, beautiful flowers and green fields. Days and nights, the esthetical outlook of the junction with its natural and serene ambients was appealing to the sight.

The once beautiful Itam Junction was a very beautiful first sight for the state also for those coming in from Cross River State through the Calabar - Itu High Way. The beautiful junction also served as a tourist and recreational attraction to many and sundry. The economic benefits of the people of the area can not be overemphasized.

But regrettably, the junction had literally become the shadow of its former self. It has now turned to a mere dumping site since Mr Akpabio left officer as governor six years ago. It is evident that the present government of the state does not pay much attention to the maintenance of the junction and other similar facilities in the state.

The then beautiful Itam Junction has now become the center for waste materials, harbor for mentally challenged people as well as an abode for the 'children of the roadside'.

It's quite embarrassing to see that the once beautiful and expensive water fountains at the junction have now become a free swimming pool for mad people. It's disheartening. It appears that the resources which the former governor, Akpabio put into erecting such a beautiful edifice of a junction have regrettably turn into a total waste because of lack of maintenance.

Itam Junction before now, this was how it used to be during Governor Akpabio's tenure.

This is the present look Of Itam Junction/ Flyover in Uyo Metropolis

The infrastructure would have still been beautiful and attractive if the present government administration in the state has seen to it's proper maintenance.

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