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High hopes for npower batch A and B, as the long awaited June stipend is to be paid soon

Recall that npower program was initiated in 2016. It is a federal government empowernment program geared towards eliminating the hardship faced by Nigerian youths and to make them self reliant. The core mandate of the program is to reduce to the bearest minimum the poverty level of Nigerian youths.

Though at it's inception, the program managers we're been given much accolades for their efforts in the prompt payment of the beneficiaries stipends.

But unfortunately, at a point, the beneficiaries starte experiencing delay in receiving their monthly stipends.

As usual, the month of June has gone and beneficiaries are yet to be paid for June and July has already coming to an end.

But right now, there is great hope for the beneficiaries as the npower authorities have assured them that their june stipend is on the way and that they should expect it soonest.

In their official Twitter account @npower_ng, an npower official while responding to a question asked by one of the beneficiary of the program by name Oladapo Steven, disclosed that the payment for june will soon commence.

Also, two other beneficiaries named Emmanuel frank and Itz A. Musa, asked related question on npower facebook page,

And npower official replied them the same thing that june stipend will be paid very soon.

So npower batch A and B, beneficiaries keep exercising patient because there will always be light at the end of the tunnel

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