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Insecurity in Northern Nigeria

The recent sad killings of scores of innocent people in Northern Nigerian states of sokoto, Borno and Katsina states is worthy of National mourning in a sane society, flags will be lowered to half, public funeral would be held and the media will not give up until the perpetrators are brought to book, sadly all this innocent souls will ever get is a paragraph from the commander in chief in an address that more on less looks like a class room teacher dictation promising that it will be investigated and that’s the most we will ever get to hear, Not even an official figure from the police chief nor a name of any of the suspect talk less of a trial or conviction.

The only certainty is the that it will happen again and the government will do just the same no actions will be taken and when we trend hash tags on social media, the handler of the president’s accounts tweets a few sentences condemning the recent killings and I swear to you life will move on, we will cry to the governments and Nothing will ever get done for How long are we willing to let this go on, when will we as a society decide enough is enough.

For over 5 decades we have been burying our slayed loved ones and calling the deaf ears of governments and we still haven’t learned a single Lesson that the path we took is leading to nowhere?

From Baga to Bama to the borders in Sokoto across different administrations in a single timeline of history, we have been facing a problem that we are unwilling to challenge, what lessons do we have to learn before we reach the Realization that the government isn’t the only answer and it never will be?

The orientation of Nigeria as a country Right from day one is Nothing really to write Home about, we have abdicated all our responsibilities and decided to fold our arms and wait for a non-existing messiah. We have drifted so wide from the core values that once defined us.

Presidents come and go and so does governors what remains constant are the problems that we as an entity refused to look at the mirror and ask ourselves what went wrong, How did we get to this point. Banditry was never heard of until recently and No government of past will ever get credit for that.

When i look at the graphic images of any incident i don’t only see a failed institution alone but rather a society, community and a family that failed to do its duty and hence the consequence, if we really intend to see a meaningful outcome we have to tell ourselves the bitter truth that we have derailed from the track and we let ourselves down.

Security isn’t a physical infrastructure that governments construct and commission but a collective responsibility that everyone plays a role in.

President Buhari may have failed The North but the Northerners surely have also failed the North in every capacity from heads of families to districts heads and traditional rulers and so called elders and religious leaders they have also FAILED.

Meaningful progress will only be achieved if we look back to the good old days and not only wish that they will ever come back, but make similar sacrifices that were made and put in similar efforts that the people of good old days made. And only then can we cry out to hopefully a government that is willing to shed the tears of the North

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