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Ethnic Discrimination - See How Two Angry Matured Men Fought Because Of A Little Misunderstanding.

In Nigeria Ethnic discrimination can be noticed every day in different circumstances. Unfair treatment of people from different ethnic group is very wrong when it comes to unity , peace and harmony of our country and our people.

What Is Ethnic Discrimination?

However discrimination can simply be the act of unfair treatment of a person based on race, gender and age difference.

While Ethnic discrimination is the unfair treatment of a person from a different ethnic group.

Why Are Some Human Still Practicing Ethic Discrimination?

It is because our brains are wired to categorize things in other to understand the world more. But that is an ancient way of thinking compared to the advancement of the world we live in today. The overall reason why we discriminate others is basically caused by misunderstanding, stress and fear.

The Story Behind The Imagine Above.

Today was wonderful and bright for me when I woke up from my house and then headed down the road to get my daily supply of foodstuffs, but it suddenly became tragic because of the serious fight that I had witnessed between an angry Akwa ibomite and a Fulani scrap metal vender.

The two men were caught up with their anger and ethnic differences, that they couldn’t level their misunderstanding with each other and this caused a serious fight between them.

I was told that the cause of the fight was a little misunderstanding between the Fulani scrap metal vender and the angry man who believed the metal vender invaded his home to steal some pieces of scrap metal. However the Fulani metal vender had made inquiries and payment to the angry man’s wife before going into the compound to take his newly acquired metal, but angry man wasn’t aware of this. So he initially thought that he was being robbed, that is why he took such a drastic decision.

Another reason why the angry man fought the Fulani scrap metal vender was because he is basically from a different enthnic group and his guards were up which caused him to attack without thinking.

While watching the whole incident, I made a prayer to God to send a Superman to save the day, funny right? - Actually someone intervened and stopped the two angry men who were seriously injured in the process of struggling with each other.

How Can We Stop Ethnic Discrimination?

1.) Public awareness against ethnic discrimination should be enforced.

2.) Inter- Ethnic socialization should be encouraged.

3.) Rules And regulation concerning ethnic discrimination should implemented in the society.

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