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Queen Elizabeth Is The Only Person In The World That Enjoys These 4 Privileges

The monarchy of the United Kingdom (the Bailiwick of Guernsey, the Bailiwick of Jersey, the Isle of Man) and its overseas territories is generally referred to as the British monarchy. Queen Elizabeth II who ascended the throne in 1952 is the current monarch and state's chief.

Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II isn't just a Queen but her special royalty is a privilege that nobody else can enjoy in the world. The 4 privileges which only Queen Elizabeth II enjoys are an exceptional Queen.

1. She doesn't need visa or passport to travel to any country in the world.

The Queen does not need a British passport when traveling overseas. The Royal Arms is included in the cover of a British passport, and another illustration of the arms is given on the first page with the following wording:

"The Secretariat of State of Her Britannic Majesty requests and requires all who are concerned in the name of Her Majesty, that they allow the carrier, freely and without any restriction, to pass through and to provide the carrier with any assistance and protection required."

The Queen does not have any as a British passport is given in Her Majesty 's name.

2. She doesn't need driving license to drive

Queen Elizabeth II "is the only person in the UK to be able to drive her State Auto without a license or a number board." This is because, according to Travel + Leisure, all driver's licenses are issued on her behalf. The Sun notices that the queen does not have a driver's license. At the age of 19, she learned to drive and is still behind the wheel. The Queen mainly roams her private estates, not in London's streets. "Her passion for driving, with iconic photos taking her precious Range Rover, has been well-documented over the years." As stated by the news, "The Protocol stipulates that she is usually chauffeured." The Queen is excluded from Elizabeth. Since the Queen does not require one to legally drive as all British licenses are also given on her behalf.

3. She's above the law and she can't be sued in court.

The Queen also has diplomatic immunity that helps her to commit and get rid of a crime almost anywhere in the world! The Queen's sovereign Immunity also goes so far as to ensure that she can not be sued and that she can not be subjected to any civil proceedings. The Queen's sovereign Immunity also goes so far as to ensure that she will not be sued and that she can not be subjected to any civil proceedings. She also can not be interviewed by the police and should that be her wish, she should never have to testify in court.

4. She celebrates her birthday twice in a year.

Like other British monarchs before her, Queen Elizabeth has two birthdays: her true birthday's anniversary and her "official' birthday's separate day (typically the second Saturday in June). Why does it happen? For April 21 is generally too cold to parade properly. The weather has to do with the reason for the second birthday. Sovereigns with colder birthdays also celebrate the official birthday on a specific date in the hope that their birthday parade will be filled by the good weather, known as the Color Tape. Trooping the Colour is a dramatic military parade that takes place annually in central London to celebrate with the British public the Queen's Birthday. Great crowds usually gather at the Horse guards Parade in central London to watch the show. On the balcony in Buckingham Palace, the Queen and other members of the Royal Family meet.

The Queen has been a much loved and admired figure all over the world and ruled for longer than any other monarch in British history. Her unique reign saw her journey more common than any other monarch who made several historical visits abroad. Known for her sense of duty and commitment to a life of service, at a period of tremendous social change, she was a significant figure for the UK and the Commonwealth.

Her Majesty continues to conduct a comprehensive program, from visits to charities, schools, visitation of Heads of State to leadership in commemoration and celebrations, all supported by other members of the Royal Family.

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