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Checkout What Donald Trump Could Lose If Impeached By the Senate

As the US senators reconvene next week to consider article of improvement against former president Donald Trump, many people may be wondering about whether it is necessary impeach him since he is no longer president.

Recall that Trump was Impeached for a second time by the House of Representatives following the role he played in instigating the invasion of US capitol during a joint Congress meeting to count and certify Biden's victory in the November election, making him the first US president to be twice by the House of Representatives.

The Senate had to push his trial to after he left office because they were on re recess. Although, Trump has left office, if he is Impeached he stands to lose some presidential previleges.

In the US constitution, the Former Presidents Act provides ex-presidents with a number of benefits, including a $200k annual pension, a travel allowance, lifetime Secret Service detail, and more. If the Senate go ahead to impeach Trump, he would lose some of these things. Although he would lose the pension and other monetary benefits, but not the Secret Service protection.

Most importantly, if the impeachment succeed and Trump is convicted he could be banned from contesting or holding any political office. Above all, losing the chance to run for office again in 2024 will be Trump's greatest loss.

What is your take on Trump's impeachment trials at the senate? Do you think it will succeed?

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