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Buhari about to pardon Saro-Wiwa: A welcome development for Ogoni land.

Ken Saro-Wiwa, a writer and an activist, and eight of his kinsmen, known as the Ogoni 9, were charged with the murder of about 4 Ogoni chiefs and hanged in 1995, by the military regime of Gen. Sani Abacha. He was reportedly fighting for Ogoni land and his activism was said to have led to the deaths, for which him and 8 others were executed.


Saro-Wiwa was known to protest the activities of oil companies in Ogoni land, and how disadvantaged it left the indigenes l.

So, 26 years after his execution by Gen. Abacha, president Buhari is contemplating granting him and his kinsmen a state pardon. He disclosed this after Ogoni some Ogoni leaders paid him a visit at the state house Abuja.

President Buhari (

There has been opinions going around, of how Saro-Wiwa was only looking out for his people. How he wanted them to also benefit from the resources taken from their land. It was also rumoured that his trial and conviction did not follow due-process.

President Buhari, being one reputed for harping on due process may now be considering doing right by Saro-Wiwa and his comrades.

This move, if it comes to fruition, will definitely bring healing to the Ogoni land. It will show the value of democracy, over the military regime. This will also boost the faith of the southsouth in Nigeria.

Saro-Wiwa (

With this move, president Buhari may have just taken care of the vandalism of oil pipelines by the indigenes.

It is also important, that the president seeks out those that might have suffered because of lack of due-process for either compensation or pardon. Nigeria needs healing, all aggrieved parties need to be appeased.

Saro-Wiwa and Gen. Abacha(

What president Buhari has started and is about to do in Ogoni land is laudable. Ogoni land is about to have one of her heroes restored to glory. A posthumous state pardon means he can now get a street or any structure named after him, to immortalize him.

We do hope that president Buhari follows through.

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Stay safe, ECfranklin.

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