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See Picture Of N-power Beneficiaries On Protest And Their Reason

Hello, welcome to another great article of mine. Today I shall be writing on the N-power beneficiaries protest and their reason.

Before I start, do you know that the N-power scheme is a government intervention scheme brought to the unemployed citizens of Nigeria. This scheme was put in place just to reduce the high rate of unemployment in the country.

It might interest you to know that the N-power scheme was introduced in Nigeria in the year 2016, by the present president Buhari led administration, in a bid to reduce unemployment in the country.

The N-power scheme is mainly for Nigerian citizens who are from 18 to 35 years of age. The N-power scheme application is free. Since 2016 it has registered both Batch A and B. They are paid 30,000 naira every month.

The N-power scheme is currently enrolling the batch C beneficiaries. To this end, if you have not yet registered, do well to apply for this life changing programme brought to Nigerians by the Buhari led administration.

Nevertheless, the federal government plans on suspending the N-power batch A and B beneficiaries. More so, the federal government is talking about giving these beneficiaries GEEP Loan to enable them become independent, when suspended from the N-power scheme.

### However, the picture below is a picture of the N-power beneficiaries who are on simple protest without harm.

Remember, to go on protest is one of the rights of the citizens. It is used by the citizens to express their feelings and to tell the government what they want.

Those N-power beneficiaries are on simple protest with their placard only. Their reason is that, they don't want the GEEP Loan from the federal government. They need permanent job.

# If you have been following my post, I have already explained the meaning of GEEP laon, when it started and it's purpose on my initial article.

Please stay tuned.

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