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To what extent does China lag behind now?

China has made great economic progress over the last decades, and living standards for most people have improved greatly. Where they are lagging behind many western democracies, is on human rights. There are none in China. All media are State controlled, the internet is heavily censored, and practically no freedom of speech or religious freedom, or freedom for publishers or writers to criticize the CCP. No political freedom exits. So, in many ways, China is lagging far behind. And as long as the CCP will be in power, we will see no major changes. The 1.4 billion Chinese will have to live under a suppressive regime. But most of them do not care as long as they have food and an apartment. They do not care about policies, as they have no choice, but submit to the CCP regime. They have no idea how a democracy works, as China has never been a democracy

In general, there are few original innovations in China, such as quantum communication and gene editing. The more emerging technologies there are, the smaller the gap between China and the rest of the world is, because China is basically developing at the same time as the rest of the world. The more traditional technology, the greater the gap between China and The other countries, because China started late. Although China is catching up fast these years, it still needs time.

So, a lot distance to go.

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