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Opinion: Okorocha's Statement On Southeast's Need To Convince Other Regions To Vote For An Igbo Person As President In 2023

The 2023 general elections is, undoubtedly, the most talked about political event at the moment. Major political stakeholders have been conducting a series of closed-door meetings and permutations, to see how they can actualize their political goal. As the nation preparers for its 8th general election since the return to military rule in 1999, the biggest question on everyone's lips, is which region should produce the next occupant of the presidential Villa.

Aso Rock Presidential villa

Image source: Vanguard

If at all the political gladiators and political parties in the country, are to go with the unwritten rule that power should be constantly rotated among all the regions, then, it should be the turn of the southeast in 2023. The true principles of zoning entails that, power should be rotated so that all the regions will get to participate in the governing process of this country. Several political analysts have stressed the need for power to shift to the Igbos of southeastern Nigeria, and there have been calls for the igbos themselves to lobby for support from other regions to actualize their dream.

Recently, a former governor of Imo state, Rochas Okorocha, stressed the need for Igbos to lobby for support from other regions.

Image source: Daily Trust

Since the return to democratic rule in 1999, all the regions that make up Nigeria have produced a President, except the southeast. Many observers and political gladiators like Okorocha strongly believe that, if the Igbos wants to produce the next occupant of the Aso Rock Presidential Villa, they must first lobby the support of other regions.

Buhari and Okorocha

Image source:Daily Trust

Why the southeast needs other regions 

There is an arcane English fact that says, “No man is an island of his own” This saying has also been adopted by many individuals or groups who wish to go far in politics. Politics is a game of interests and numbers, winner takes all. The southeast region is made up of five states, these states alone cannot produce enough votes to ensure an Igbo presidency. The southeast region will have to join forces with two or more regions in Nigeria, preferably the northern region. If the southeast region can lobby for the support of the northern region, the idea of an Igbo President may become a reality in 2023.

Voters in northern Nigeria

Image source: CNN

The North holds a large amount of juicy electoral votes. Since the northern region may not produce the next President in 2023 due to the unwritten rule of power zoning, many experts believe that any region that wins the North's endorsement may likely win the 2023 presidential elections. The time for the southeast to put sentiments aside is now. They should organize themselves and collectively lobby for the support of other regions, most especially the support of the northern region. The southeast should negotiate with the north. In exchange for the support of the northern region, the possible Igbo presidential candidate should pick his running mate from the north. This will further cement the northern region's support for an Igbo President to emerge in 2023.


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