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54 instructions on how to become a champion in life.

1. Correct yourself from the errors or mistakes of others.

2. Do not allow what you cannot do to interfere with what you can.

3. Failure,the path of least resistance.

4. Prepare ,plan, proceed and persist to become an achiever.

5. Don't be weak in the days of adversity..

6. Know thyself.

7. Uncontrolled anger is fiery.

8. Worry,a life threatening parasite.

9. Ensure that your argument brings more light than heat.

10. Your attitude determines how far you can go in life.

11. Eschew bitterness or hatred.

12. Character and not achievement determines true value.

13. Choices today determine tomorrow.

14. Godliness with contentment is a great gain.

15. Be a person of determination.

16. The world belongs to dreamers.

17. Change not an enemy but a friend.

18.You must have compassion.

19.Living without conscience is very bad.

20. Be a man of courage.

21. Be creative.

22. Setting an example.

23. Strive for excellence.

24.Failure is not falling down but staying on the floor.

25. Be a man of focus.

26. Be generous.

27.Always set goals.

28.Always show gratitude.

29. The highway of fear is the shortest route to defeat.

30. Discipline is the key to power.

31.Power to get to the top

32.Be born again.

33. Depart from your present level.

34. Be a man or woman of priority.

35. Clear your foundation.

36. Reclaim grounds given to dark kingdom.

37. Remove unforgiveness from your life.

38. Break long-standing curses.

39. Bind all ancestral demons.

40. Be different.

41. Live a holy life.

42. Market your potentials to God's glory.

43. You cannot offer what you don't have.

44.lrrelevant product,a hard sell

45. Your position influences your patronage.

46. Advertisement is the mother of profit.

47. Your position influences your patronage.

48. Your faithfulness establishes your stewardship only.

49. Activity does not amount to productivity.

50. Losses do not glorify God.

51. Stagnation equals failure.

52. He that is slothful is a brother to a waster.

53. How to market your potential.

54. The crown of destiny.

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