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Benin republic did the right thing for Okonjo Iweala, they will be respected forever

The struggle for the selection of an African as the director-general of the World trade organization has been getting really tough, especially for the Nigerian candidate who has been facing a series of opposition from the Egyptian side.


Three Africans were nominated to run for the position in the World trade organization. They include Nigeria's Okonjo-iweala, Egypt's Hamid Mamdouh and Benin Republic's Eloi Laourou. The world trade organisation was founded in 1995, and ever since its creation, it has been led by three people from Europe, one person from South America, one person from oceania and one person from Asia.

However, the slot is now available for the African continent. The Benin republic has done the extraordinary just to support the Nigerian candidate, Okonjo-Iweala, and they showed that after they withdrew their candidate, Eloi Laourou, from running for the position.

Eloi Laourou

Egypt however, is still going head-to-head with the Nigerian candidate, Okonjo-Iweala. Benin republic has shown that they are after the unity of Africa, and will do anything to maintain that. Benin republic is one of the closest countries to Nigeria in terms of geographical location and economical relations.

Hamid Mamdouh

Moreso, they must have been impressed by the past records of the Nigerian candidate, who has proven to be a worthy candidate for that position at the international level. Benin republic should be applauded for bringing down their own pride to uphold the integrity of Africa, by supporting the best candidate for the position.

They will be forever remembered for this great effort, Nigeria truly appreciates you Benin republic for making the right decision.

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