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OPINION: 3 Persuasive reasons Gov Ortom advocated change from presidential to parliamentary system of govt

Report from Blueprint indicates that Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue state on Thursday, while inaugurating a committee to prepare Benue state submission to the National Assembly committee on review of the 1999 constitution, advocated for a change from presidential to the parliamentary system of government. Among other things Gov Ortom said at the inauguration of the said committee was his three cogent reasons for choosing parliamentary system of government over the presidential system already being practised in Nigeria. His three reasons are as follows:

1. Parliamentary system of government is considerably less complex. According to him, “The current practice in which the federal government has constitutional powers in nearly 100% performance while the states and the local government areas are only able to function in 30% or less of these areas is a distortion of the spirit and practice of federalism." To him, the complex nature presidential system of government does not give room for the practice of true federalism, he thus preferred parliamentary system of government.

2. Parliamentary system of government according to governor Ortom of Benue State provides for more opportunities for power-sharing. He explained that smaller parties would have opportunities to participate in governance according to their electoral performance. He opined that the issue of having just two dominating political parties would be solved with the introduction of parliamentary system of government.

3. Governor Ortom equally stated that parliamentary system of government would be more accountable as it would give room for regular interface between the leaders of the executive and the representatives of the people.

I am of the opinion that many would not agree with Gov Ortom as it is clear that the problem of Nigeria is far from being the system of government being practised. Taking his point number one for instance, USA practises presidential system of government but exemplifies a true federalism. Again, presidential system of government equally gives room for members of the executive to interface with the people but the said leaders of the executive are not doing so. Air your own view, do you think the problem of Nigeria is the system of government practised?

Source: Blueprint

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