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Government Should Treat N-power Beneficiaries As Civil Servants. [Opinion]

Government has tried in its effort to create empowerment/employment programme for the unemployed graduate among the youths. The aim has been achieved because, many youths have been able to cater for their domestic challenges through the programme.

Though, the N-power beneficiaries were been paid thirty thousand naira as monthly stipend. The government named the money ' stipend ' because it is not much to be called salary. And it is just to relieve the beneficiaries from poverty and have money to spend independently.

But since the commencement of the N-power programme , there had being delayed in payment of the stipend to the beneficiaries in some months. That the beneficiaries would have to cry out to the government before the money will be paid. The only word that will be coming from the authority of the programme will be 'soon', without letting the beneficiaries know, the cause of the delay in their payment.

Government should make sure that, the preparation for the payment of the N-power is also ready before the end of the month as it does to the civil servants. The authority should also understand that most of the beneficiaries within the age limit of N-power are married, so if the money is not been paid on time,to feed their family will be very difficult.

Also, many of them have no other source of income other than the stipend from the Federal government.

No one will ever want to lend them money, because the public have believed that, they are working with the government and they must have been paid.

Therefore, the government should make sure that, the N-power beneficiaries are being treated as other civil servants in term of their payment at the end of months, so that hunger will not affect them and their family. And they will be able to respond to other things in their home.

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