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See how to pray when you encounter challenges

Control your actions learn from others, don't allow experience to be your best teacher. Moses missed the promise Land because of hot temper despite his leadership and how he suffered with the Israelites in the wilderness.

What about Samson a mighty man of war destroyed in the laps of a woman Delilah, (Jugdes15:1-20).

Ananaias and wife Sapphira rather than been mentioned amongst the saints died misterousely for telling lies.

Child of God please don't allow secret sins to destroy your glorious destiny, take examples from Joseph who became the prime minister in the land of Egypt would have missed that royalty if he succumbed to sleep with Portiphar's wife. Let these serve as eye opener to restrain you from involving yourself in unwholesome adventures.

The Bible says we should flee from sins, definitely sin and it's devices will tempt nah but take heed on the command of the Lord and resist the devil.

Guard your destiny jealously and don't exchange it for a morsel no matter how enticing and attractive it presents itself.

PRAYERS: Psalm 91;

Dear Lord thank you for the opportunity to read your word, I resist every destiny destroyer around me, I denounce and reject any satanic appointment with the agent of devil in my life today, let your work on the cross of calvery be my shield now and forever in Jesus name.

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