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After Seeing These Pictures I Started Believing That TERRORISM In Nigeria Will End Soon

The Nigerian Army is a very prestigious military force in Africa, ranking 4th in Africa and 43rd word wide in the NATO ranking. They have been working tirelessly to counter terrorism in the country. Previously I used to be scared whenever I hear about terrorism in Nigeria, until I saw these few pictures and I became assured that the Nigerian Army is up to the task and will eradicate terrorism from the country in no distant time. Please calm down and pray for the Nigerian Army, so that God will help them to overcome terrorism in the country. Below are some of the encouraging pictures I saw.

1. Nigerian "Army Carry go", victory is yours.

2. They are working tirelessly to protect us, God bless them in Jesus name.

3. powerful soldier in the training field.

4. With these powerful equipments the Nigerian Army with surely win.

5. Pictures of powerful soldiers laying ambush.

6. Gallant soldiers with powerful weapons.

7. Gallant soldiers using powerful vehicles.

Please show this to your friends and family, tell them to pray for the country and not to be afraid because God is under control.

Content created and supplied by: HEALTHBASE (via Opera News )

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