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Opinion: 2 Solid Ways APC Can Take Obaseki Back From PDP

The APC must be aware of one fact that it needs at least a governor from the south-south zone if it wants to have a better national outlook. Truly, with or without a governor there, the party will have enough votes from each of the six states in the area, yet the party needs a leader there.

Mr. Godwin Obaseki is the most possible governor that the APC can take back. Though the governor would have still been in the All Progresives Congress (APC), it was the PDP that saved him at the toughest time. And by being a member of the APC at least till early 2020, Mr. Obaseki can't deny his relationship with the party.

He left the party no because the whole of APC hated him, but because of the indifference between him and Adams Oshiomole. Perhaps had there been no acrimonious stuff between them, Obaseki wouldn't have had any logical reason to leave the APC for the People's Democratic Party (PDP).

The APC leadership can have Obaseki back using at least two possible ways. The first one is to send Bola Ahmed Tinubu to him to renegotiate and resolve whatever bitterness they may have. Though Tinubu campaigned against Obaseki, it is all about politics and nothing more. Hence, Tinubu should meet Obaseki.

If Tinubu talks to Obaseki one-on-one and the former apologises for all that happened before and during the 19 September, 2020 gubernatorial election, Obaseki would reason with him and perhaps reconsider his second coming to the All Progresives Congress ahead of the 2023 general elections.

Meanwhile, if Tinubu can't do that, the APC can fall back upon the first elected national chairman of the party John Odigie-Oyegun. The aged politician was recently appointed as the chairman of the reconcilation committee for the south-south region. And one of the duties of the Committee is to bring back former stalwarts.

John Odigie-Oyegun is a leader to Obaseki and the Edo State governor hardly disobeys the elder statesman. Though it might be a bit difficult for Odigie-Oyegun, he will surely bring back Obaseki back into the fold of the APC.

The second way that the APC can use is for the national caretaker committee of the APC to meet Obaseki in Benin. Mai Mala Buni has a role to perform here. He should ensure the return of Obaseki to the party. At least his own administration will receive the credit.

What Buni should do is that he should negotiate with Obaseki that the governor will be free to determine the next members of the state working committee of the APC. There will soon be a congress to elect them. If Obaseki determines the next set of leaders of the party in Edo State, he will certainly return to his political home.

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