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What Other Politicians Should Emulate From Mr. Chubado Murtala In Adamawa State

Every human was created to lead in an area of gifting. The ability to fulfill your purpose, however, begins with developing a leadership mindset.

Mr. Chubado Murtala contains the qualities of a good leader which are Passion, Initiatives, Teamwork, Innovation, Persistence, Discipline, Peace, And Compassion.

Mr.Chubado Murtala is distinguished by a unique mental attitude. He is not after power, but he is driven by a passion to achieve a noble cause for Adamawa Central. 

He's assignment is to create a new reality for the people of Adamawa Central. To Govern, Control, And Manage The Environment.

Mr. Chubado Murtala single-handedly builds offices for the Miyetti Allah Union in Adamawa He also drilled Boreholes for some of the community in Adamawa Central. And more projects are still on the way. 

Innovate The Miyetti Allah Union in Adamawa

I like you to answer these questions. 

Are you vouching for Political Party? Or you are vouching for personalities? Are you vouching for who is next in line? Or you are vouching for who is qualified for the job? 

Do we really need to recycle leaders that have done nothing good for society when we have those that are qualified to deliver good results if elected? 

if only we have good leaders in Nigeria that truly love her inhabitants the way they love themselves, the country will not be in disarray. The government is supposed to be for the people, by the people and with the people.

One of the qualities of a leader is to understand the problems of her inhabitants. A genuine leader most have gone through their situation before he/she can discern the solution to their problems.

I am Advocating for potential politicians that are more concerned about the future of Nigeria. Not a bunch of Peasants and Dullards who are there for their selfish interests.  

"A good Legacy is the ladder to the next level in life."

Mr. Chubado Murtala is the best candidate for Adamawa Central 2023.

Content created and supplied by: Yemi-Kola (via Opera News )

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