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Opinion: Pray For The Peace of Nigeria, Those Who Love It Shall Prosper

Nigeria as a nation is currently facing insecurity , economic and secession challenges .What this country is presently passing through is giving every good citizens of Nigeria sleepless night . Both Government and citizens are finding the situations very difficult. The situation of things have made Nigerians , home and abroad to pass vote of no confidence on the present administration of President Mohammadu Buhari.

Report reveals that Boko Haram terriorists are gaining more weight everyday, presently, information shows that the Insurgents have taken over some parts of Yobe state and Shiroro axis of Niger State . The national assembly has advised Federal Government to declare state of emergency in Niger State because it is just two hours journey to Abuja, the seat of power.

The Officers and Soldiers of Nigerian Army are really doing their best but it seems like Boko Haram insurgents are gaining momentum on the daily basis.

Nigeian Government really needs our spiritual supports at this critical stage which the country is passing through . Pray for the peace of Nigeria, those who love it shall surely prosper.

Nigeria as a nation needs our prayers to overcome the current challenges facing the country. Nigerian Army and other security operatives can not fight this internal terriorists' war alone, we need to support our Army with prayers .

It seems all military's efforts to get rid of insurgency , banditry , kidnapping and other forms of criminalities in the country are proving abortive, but one thing is sure, God will never fail and His power to deliver will never be abortived.

Now that all Military and Government efforts have failed to save the country from Insurgency banditry, kidnapping, killing, heardsmen and farmers crises , I think Nigerians should try the last resort , that is , God. He will never fail nor find wanting , He is Omnipotent, Omniscience and Omnipresent God..

This is the time for Nigerians to call upon God to deliver this country from the menace of Boko Haram terriorists and others, infact, enough is enough, arise oh God let the enemies of Nigeria be scattered.

God , the Omnipotent , manifest your supremacy power over the numerous challenges facing Nigeria.

God , the Omnipresent, wherever Boko Haram terriorists, bandists , kidnappers , and other criminals that are troubling Nigeria are now , let your judgement comes upon them and scatter their evil's intentions .

Arise oh God, fight Nigeria's battle, reveals and disgrace every individuals or group of individuals within and outside Nigeia that are sponsoring Insurgency in this country.

Great Jehovah will turn things around for good in Nigeria . Nigeria's Economy receives live, Lord Jesus, banish poverty from our land.

Lord God Jehovah, heal our land from all forms of curses.

Lord God , whatever you feel that are needed to be changed or removed so that this country can experience peace , safety and economic turn around , please kindly change or remove them.

There shall be peace in Nigeria in Jesus Christ Mighty name . Amen.

Thank you Lord for this prayers that you have answered.

Please if you want peace to reign in our land, kindly say a big Amen to this prayers, mind you those who love it shall prosper.

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