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Picture Journey To The World Most Dangerous Border

For a very long time, there have been disputes between countries and regions. Most of these conflicts are not recent, and the root cause is mostly even unknown because the feud is passed through generations after generations, and it continues over years without any resolution being made.

One of those disputes is that which exists between Iran and Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, India and Afghanistan, North and South Korea, and many other duo countries with disputes.

This has therefore caused these countries to take measures against each other and maintain dominance along their borders. Hence, this article will outline the most dangerous border in the world, as well as show pictorial proofs and mention the countries that are separated by this hazardous border.

Of all the countries mentioned above, the greatest dispute exists between North and South Korea, and this is basically because the two countries were initially under a single entity before the Korean war broke out in1950 and things went south. The case is similar to the Biafra claims in Nigeria, whereby North Korea believed in the military, South Korea preferred a diplomatic approach, hence, the country (Korea) was divided into its poles.

The border between the two countries, therefore, became the most dangerous in the world, and according to Indiantvnews, the border is officially referred to as North Korea's DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). And it houses a lot of North Korean soldiers as well as sophisticated military weapons.

Travel Noire mentioned that the area is filled with thousands of soldiers who are ready to take up any enemy or resurgence of soldiers that dates to match up to the border. Despite this threat though, the area is still very much preferred as a tourist attraction to anyone who visits South Korea. 

Below are more pictures of the border

A visitor to the DMZ shared a rather complicated picture of North Korea all the way from the DMZ. The picture captured the plains of the country, and the outlines of the bare mountains and sparse settlements were also visible.

The description of the border given by Elliot on Earthnutshell, explained that the fence was made with barbed wires, and there were large troops of soldiers positioned around the whole place. The border does not have a well-serviced road that leads to the city, instead, immigrants have to take the train before they can enter the country and the capital city (Pyongyang).

Even though there is no war between the countries, the armistice signed years ago still holds tension, and about 50 incidents have been recorded on the border which leads to the death of some citizens, both from South and North Korea.

Tell us, do you think it's good as the border is this dangerous?

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