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Here is the difference between the Hausa and Fulani

The Hausa-Fulani are an ethnic group that includes the Hausa and the Fulani, two ethnic groups found throughout West Africa with smaller populations in other African regions.

These two ethnic groups were once distinct but are now so intertwined that they are regarded as one inseparable ethnic nation. Traditionally, they do not share a physical appearance or a culture. Fulanis are mostly fair-skinned, lanky people with long hair.

The Hausa are farmers, whereas the Fulani are nomads or semi-nomads. This nomadic way of life spread them across almost all of West Africa. They are extremely accepting of the languages of those around them. Fulani can be found in every West African country and some Central African countries, whereas Hausa are primarily found in Nigeria and Niger Republic.

The Hausa are the most populous ethnic group in Sub-Saharan Africa, and their language is the second most spoken in the Afro-Asian language family, after Arabic.

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