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How Peace, Unity and Trust Are 3 Things The Igbos Need Ahead Of The 2023 Presidential Election

Since Nigeria began a democratic system of government where a President is chosen through an electoral process, an Igbo man has never been elected as President, that is to say that an Igbo man has never won an election. More than anything else, I believe the 2023 Presidency is something the Igbos really want and are working towards.

However, there are a lot of things more important than the 2023 Presidential seat, and I believe it's necessary that the Igbos pursue those things first, ahead of the 2023 Presidential election. Among the 3 things are Peace, Unity and Trust, and below is how they are what the Igbos need ahead of the 2023 Presidential election.

1) Peace: In recent times, the south east region have come to be characterized by unrests, unlawful killings, revolts, violence and more, which ordinarily shouldn't be a characteristic of a region with a good history as the South East.

Before they should think of wanting the Presidency, they should first seek peace in their region, because how do you get the people of other regions to elect you as President when they know you cannot manage your own people.

2) Unity: They should also seek to be united. Unity is synonymous with peace, but still, quite different. In the South East, we have those who support the government and those who don't, those who are for the separatist movement and those who are against, those who are loyal to the Ohanaeze and those who aren't.

It's important that every Igbo all together stand for one thing or against another if truly they want one of their own to become the next President.

3) Trust: They need the trust of Nigerians that they are capable of ruling the country: One can only trust his vote to someone who's proven to be capable of managing his power. The Igbos should seek to prove themselves by using now to a create positive mindset about their capability in the minds of Nigerians.

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