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Here Are 5 Things You Must Do If You Want To Be Successful In Nigerian Politics. [Opinion]

The political system in Nigeria is full of tension, drama and intrigue. Before you enter a system or organization, you need to learn and understand how the system works.

The political system in Nigeria is just like a game and to win, you need to live by it's rules.

Here Are 5 Things You Need To Do If You Want To Be A Successful Politician In Nigeria:

1. You Need To Be Financially Bouyant:

There is this popular saying that "money answereth all things" and this is well understood especially in Nigerian politics. There are certain political offices you cannot occupy if you are not very rich or at least have sponsors supporting you. So forget about competing to win a political seat if you're not wealthy.

2. You Need To Be On A Successful Team (A Strong Political Party):

Some politicians have managed to stay in one party for long and at times it pays off. This strategy may not work out for everyone, so if it is necessary for you to cross-carpet inorder to stay relevant, then do so.

3. You Need To Have A Strong Relationship With People From The Grassroot Level:

The word "grassroot" refers to the most basic level of an activity, organization or community. These set of people may not be wealthy, but you should never underestimate their importance to you. If you want to be at the top, you need them. They may include village youths, market women or teachers. Your success in politics is dependent on how much support you can gather from them.

4. You Need To Have An Influencial Godfather:

You need an influencial person who can endorse you and always be behind you. If an influencial Godfather throws his weight behind you, it is almost impossible to lose.

5. You Need To Carry Out Projects To Win The Hearts Of The People:

People will support you when you have their best interest at heart, so it is important to show acts of kindness to the people whom you want to vote for you. Provide social amenities, solve a few problems for such communities and you will be voted in.

Content created and supplied by: Mr_Bryan (via Opera News )

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