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2 Groups Of Top Office Holders Wike Revealed They Are Failing Nigerians And What They Fail To Do

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has opened up about the issue of leadership failure while blaming the current government over the poor running of the county.

During the Church Service, Wike categorically revealed two groups of top office holders in Nigeria who have been failing Nigerians. The Rivers Governor went ahead to disclose how the two groups of office holders have been failing Nigerians even as leadership failures have led to worsening condition of things in the country. This article will discuss the two groups Wike talked about and how they have been failing Nigerians in their lines of duty.

God won't give Nigeria another president like Buhari - Wike - Daily Post  Nigeria

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The first are the Lawmakers. These are the first people Wike revealed as those failing Nigerians because they are not living up to expectations in their lines of duty. The major people in this regard are the federal lawmakers who make up the House of Representatives and the House of Senate. They no longer do good oversight functions as expected. They do not engage in serious checks and balances to stop executive excesses as expected.

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To be specific, Wike used the issue of excessive borrowing by President Muhammadu as a case study. Each time Buhari brought the request for borrowing, the lawmakers usually approved it without asking many vital questions. They have also failed to withdraw their approval as a protest against Buhari for his unending borrowing which may later affect the country as it would take longer years to be repaid even when Buhari leaves office.

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In fact, the lawmakers fail to check some of the President's actions that need such checks. They approve and help him to achieve whatever he brings to them for approval including the amendment of the constitution to achieve certain aims. The lawmakers were elected by their people to represent them in the National Assembly. In that case, what they should do is get opinion from their people about what they want and push it. They should promote what their people want and not what the executive arm of government want. By not doing this even as Nigeria condemn Buhari's endless borrowings, manner of appointment and other executive excesses, the lawmakers are failing Nigerians.

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The second group are Judges who make up the Judiciary arm. The Judges who preside over the courts have a lot of key functions to perform for Nigerians to make the country better. But, Wike disclosed that many of the Judges are afraid to do so because they would be invited at night. According to the report by Daily Trust cited above, Wike meant that inviting them at night may lead to some consequences and that is why they are afraid. Well, Judges can declare both executive and legislative actions null and void if the actions are illegal.

word of 2018: Food for thought: 'Justice' becomes 2018 word of the year -  The Economic Times

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This is how the Judiciary can stop other arms of the government from acting illegally. The court can also rule against the government in suits brought by citizens against government actions and policies that are seen as obnoxious, illegal, or anti-human rights. But Wike claimed that in most cases, the courts fail to act as expected thereby failing Nigerians too.

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