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Fiction:I Sent Him 2million Naira, He Promised To Double It For Me In One Hour

After reading this, kindly bear in mind that it isn't fake but fictional. Fake news/stories are not real, but false, untrue, not factual and factually incorrect. Such information/stories are based on factually incorrect premises. Fiction on the other hand is literally using invented/imaginative writing, which is quite synonymous to prose. Fiction of course is a fragment of reality. Therefore, you should note that the story you are about to read isn't fake, but fictional. After reading this, kindly do me a favour. Like and share this post, drop a comment, and the most important is to follow me up for more News, Entertainments, Gist, Stories, and Politics. Thanks in advance. 

 Fraudsters are people that engage in any act of deception carried out for the purpose of unfair, undeserved and unlawful gain. I never knew how it feels to he scammed until my encounter with one a scammer.

 It's been five years since I graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University. If you have a son, daughter, brother or sister in the university, he or she must really be a genius. I graduated with 3rd class from the hell of a university, it wasn't easy but I still got happy. The lecturers in the school are cruel, they are ready to fail you and edit their students GP from 5.0 to 1.5 in just two semesters.  

 After I graduated from hell, the hell I entered is quite hot than the former. The society! What I faced will make you sad, you might even weep for me. The cruel environment that lies ahead after I graduated isn't favourable at all. Maybe surviving in Nigeria is a futile endeavour. I started searching for employment the exact day I graduated, but 5 years after my graduations, it has always being a bad day for me. 

 I had to leave the normal society and divert to the social media world. There are really many online businesses on social media, but it was one investment that interested me. When I saw the investment, I almost fainted because it was unbelievable. The investment unveiled in its introduction that the money invested will be multiplied by two in one hour, investors will be paid twice the money they invest. 

 What an opportunity for me as I was so down. I started my quest in search of money. It wasn't easy for me but I hustled. After three weeks, I was able to gather a whooping amount of 300,000Naira. Such encouragement, but I was too tired to continue with such petty jobs(labourer). 

 One thing soon popped up to me, loan! Yes loan maybe if I could request for a loan my life will change. I rushed to a legal entity to request for a loan. What was I thinking since these days, maybe if I had think about this since the very first day I knew about the investment, I would have being rich by now.

 One of the workers in the legal entity asked how much loan I would like to be offered and I replied with 1.7million(1.7million with the already existing 300,000naira makes 2million). 

 They told me that it wasn't possible, and that I should go for 2million Naira. I thought about it, and soon made my answer:

 "Yes, I will pay your back in a month". 

 I was offered the loan, but with massive interest. I didn't think about that, but about the money which will be multiplied by 2.

 I rushed to my house, logged into the site and messaged one of the agent that I would like to invest. He asked how much and I replied with "2million Naira". I was quite afraid, but soon got relieved after he informed me that I am safe. 

 He sent me his bank details and told me to expect my 4million Naira in one hour. Dear reader, it's been a month and I haven't seen my 2million Naira. I don't even know what the bank will do to me! I have been trying the agent's number, but he already added my contact to his blacklist. 

 Please, what should I do? Kindly share this post, let's know what people answers will be, and don't forget to follow me up for more News, Entertainments, Gists, Fictions and others. 

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