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OPINION: What France Might Do To Benin Republic If They Eventually Become Nigeria's 37th State

Note: Everything that is written within this article is none other than my own personal opinion; of which you are indeed free to criticize my works if you ever feel the need to do so.

Every Wale, Tolu and Kenneth in Nigeria whom have been conversant with what is happening in Nigeria (especially in the media) can bear witness to the fact that a lot of eye brows have been raised regarding Benin republic's decision to join Nigeria as it's 37th state.

It is true that this latest development was met with a lot of criticisms from different concerned individuals in Nigeria whom spoke a lot about what Benin republic is up to.

Nonetheless, there's a bigger picture at play here and that's France (Benin Republic's former colonial master).

We all know that this issue of neo-colonialism is strong in Africa and as such, there's a zero possibility of the French government backing Benin Republic's decision to merge with Nigeria.

There's a great possibility that France would withdraw Foreign Aid if their former colony pushes through with their plan and as thus, the Benin Republic's ruling elites on the other hand would have to think about this very well before carrying on with their decision.

Nonetheless, whatever we see at the end of the tunnel regarding this current issue, I pray it favours each and everyone of us.

Do you want Benin Republic to be part of Nigeria? Discuss your thoughts in the comments section.

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