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Why Fulani Leader Said South-East Destroyed Federalism And 2023 Presidency Will Be By Voting Strength

Some political leaders in Northern Nigeria are gradually making their position known on issues affecting the country especially the 2023 presidential election which the Southern Governors have insisted must be the turn of the South.

Professor Labdo a well known Fulani Leader who is also a political leader in Northern Nigeria has made it clear that the true federalism which many Southern political elites are clamouring for was destroyed by the South-East.

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He also added that the President of Nigeria in 2023 will emerge by voting strength and not zoning because we are in a democracy.

These two statements of Professor Labdo according to Vanguard newspaper will form the basis of our discussion in this article. 

Why did Professor Labdo say that the South-East destroyed federalism which many Southerners want? 

To start with, many Southern politicians especially in the South-West want Nigeria to be restructured which will give way for true federalism.

But Professor Labdo believes that it was the South-East that destroyed what many Southerners want today. Professor Labdo may be right going back to the history of Nigeria in 1966. General Aguiyi Ironsi who was the Head of State then is from the Eastern region.

Photo Credit: The Nation

Abia State to be precise. His decree 34 of 1966 changed the nomenclature of region which altered the powers the regions had then to control their resources and develop at their own pace. 

Why does Professor Labdo believe that the next President of Nigeria will emerge through voting strength? 

Angered by how the Southern Governors are going about producing the President in 2023, Labdo reminded them that we are in a democracy and that the next President of Nigeria will emerge by the number of votes and not by zoning.

My understanding is that Labdo is indirectly reminding the Southern Governors that the North has the voting strength to produce the President of Nigeria and that the South can produce the President only through negotiation and dialogue with the North and not by intimidation.

Take, for instance, President Buhari pulled over 12 million votes in the 2007, 2011 presidential elections. That's to show the voting strength of the North. The 19 states in the North and the active participation of Northerners when it comes to election accounts for this.

Photo Credit: The Nation

The summary of the whole thing is that it will be impossible for the South to produce the President of Nigeria in 2023 without the strong support of the North.

A Southern presidential candidate will need 25 percent of votes cast in 24 states including FCT to be announced the winner. Bear in mind that there are only 17 Southern states in Nigeria. 

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