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Top countries with the most beautiful military uniform (see photos)

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Uniform is a type of clothing worn by members in an organisation while participating in that organisation activities. Uniforms helps to also promote uniformity and unity among other, and also help in recognising each members.

It does not matter how beautiful or nice it is, what matter been in an uniform is your dedication to to activities given by the organisation, your unity among others and the way you behave in such organisation.

Just because you are in military uniform can't guarantee you 100% a military man or woman.

Below are some countries which I think has the best uniforms if you have any suggestion you can comment in the comment section.

1. South Korea

2. China Republic

3. Nigeria

4. North Korea

5. United state

6. Australia

7. Germany

8. India

9. South Africa

10. Japan

from the above mentioned which country do you think has the best uniform.

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Australia China Republic North Korea South Korea United


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