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Fiction: How I Finally Discovered My Son Was The One Leading The Protest Against My Government.

As a politician my ambition was to get a higher post in the government. I felt my family would be proud of me because getting a higher post means I would acquire more wealth, and acquiring more wealth means I would be able to make every of my families wishes come true and not feeling it in anyway.

My wife encouraged me not to loose that opportunity. She had even told her friends I had already gotten the post even when I had not. This shows that she was in full support of me.

As the day passed by, we had of a group of youths protesting against my government. This was a serious situation, because if I did not put an end to their protest it could affect my up coming electronic. So I seeked the advice of my personal adviser who said my target should be the leader of the protesters. He made me understand that if I could get the leader to stop the protest or be by our side the others would be disorganized. The way things were going on I couldn't get the leader of the protester whom I didn't know his true identity to be on my side. So I gave the order that the leader of the protesters should be arrested and delt with.

Some few days later I was called by my personal security that they had already arrested the leader of the protesters, and he was being delt with. I decided to go take a look at the young man who was a treat to my government.

When I got there I was surprised when I found out that the young man who was making things difficult for me was my son. I wasn't happy at all. I was confused and asked him why he did that to me?

He just staired at me and said nothing. Now am really confused, my son is opposing me. I don't know what to do about his case.

Does this mean am a bad person.

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