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10 facts why the Northerners are best leaders in Nigeria (pictures)

It might interest you to know that the Northerners are more honest in terms of political ruling and also have there people well-being at heart.

I could still remember back then when I visited the northern part of Nigeria, that 5-years back now. I was so overwhelmed with their recent developments when you talk about social infrastructure and road contract.

When I visited kano state of recent, believe me honestly, I was amazed at the view, I was unable to locate my root back to where I was based then, due to the massive development in the state.

10 The incredible fact why Northerners are the best leaders in terms of politics.

I must confess to you, I am a person who loves travelling and I also adore to know things right. I'm not northern, but the truth has to be told.

1. The Northerners are more reliable and free to sort things right for Nigerians.

2. In the history of Nigeria, it has never been recorded that any Northern Governors are yet to pay the workers of the state they are governing.

3. If you want to mention the best governors in Nigeria the Northerners will take the lead handsomely with no stress.

4. Talking about the best Head of state or president Nigeria have ever been ruled by, you will greatly see that the Northerners will talk the lead.

5. If you are one that likes travelling and have been travelling around Nigeria you will find out that Northern roads are better and have less accidental risk.

6. In all the geo-political zones, North have commodities that are less in price, most National Youth Service Corp members that have served there or who are still serving in North will irrefutably acknowledge to it.

7. Take a look at this, in a market place where many tribes are selling food items or any other commodities, every individual will love to buy from the Northerners. The reason, many believe they are more truthful and will not add much in their profit-making.

8. You will hardly see a northern politician buying Expensive cars of houses, but, this is more common in the southern and eastern part of Nigerian.

9. When you talk about politics and leaders in a given locality, the records they have made are visible to the blind and audible to the deaf.

10. When you talk about people that are more industrious and technological advance the Southern people, which is the Igbo people to be precise.

Every tribe in Nigeria have their roles to play for the development of the country, and these will upgrade the level of standard of living in Nigeria

Honestly speaking, I think its high time we know our position in this country as an individual if agreed upon I believe Nigerians will be able to restore the treasure lost.


Let me know your impression about these.

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