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Read What Former US Sec Of State Warns Nigeria About 5 Years Ago That Creates Insecurity Of Today

Insecurity in Nigeria today is becoming more alarming as terrorism and banditry continue to cause havoc in the country. Many lives have been lost, many people have been displaced and many innocent people have become victims of abduction today.

Nigeria security agencies are not excluded from these attacks coming from Boko Haram terrorists and bandits. Every citizens continue to live with fear in their own fatherland.

The government of Nigeria is looking for ways to end the rate of insecurity in the country. The question is, where are all these problems coming out from? How did these criminal elements grew so fast under our watch? Where are they going to start from, as tension continue to rise in the country?

It was recall 6 years ago during World Economic Forum (WEF) held in Davos, Switzerland when John Kerry, the former US secretary of state warns Nigeria government on what corruption would create if not tackle properly.

Kerry talked about how President Muhammadu Buhari has come to rescue Nigeria from been collapse as a result of corruption which has weakened the armed forces from fighting Boko Haram terrorists.

According to the statements he made 6 years ago, he said in the following that:

"When Nigeria’s President Buhari took office last spring, he inherited a military that was under-paid, underfed, and unable to protect the Nigerian people from Boko Haram. And one reason is that much of the military budget was finding its way into the pockets of the generals. And just this week, we saw reports that more than 50 people in Nigeria, including former government officials, stole $9 billion from the treasury.

“Still in the United States, my friends, we continue to prosecute corruption and we live with a pay-to-play campaign finance system that should not be wished on any other country in the world. I used to be a prosecutor and I know how hard it is to hold people in positions of public responsibility accountable. But I also know how important it is.

“The fact is there is nothing – absolutely nothing more demoralizing, more destructive, more disempowering to any citizen than the belief that the system is rigged against them and that people in positions of power are – to use a diplomatic term of art– crooks who are stealing the future of their own people; and by the way, depositing their ill-gotten gains in ostensibly legitimate financial institutions around the world.

“Corruption is a social danger because it feeds organized crime, it destroys nation-states, it imperils opportunities particularly for women and girls, it facilitates environmental degradation, contributes to human trafficking, and undermines whole communities. It destroys the future.

“Corruption is a radicalizer because it destroys faith in legitimate authority. It opens up a vacuum which allows the predators to move in. And no one knows that better than the violent extremist groups, who regularly use corruption as a recruitment tool."

Based on what John Kerry, the former US secretary to state analyzed about what corruption could result to, it's quite obvious and clear now that corruption has created terrorism, banditry and other criminal elements that we are seeing today. 

Watch the video here by clicking the link below:

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