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"The Road To Nowhere": How Hushpuppi's Travails Exposed Nigerian's Biggest Problems (Opinion)

The recent arrest of the popular Nigerian social media personality, Ray Hushpuppi received a lot of publicity due to the status, the socialite has created for himself within the elite circle. Allegations of cyber crimes, with over a million persons falling victim was reported and the situation has since received mixed reactions from Nigerians. While some questioned the integrity of the top Nigerian personalities who associated with the socialite, others frantically decried the level of cybercrime among the Nigerian youths, which has had a negative mark on the country's image.

Nigeria as a country has been bedeviled by problems of corruption, bad leadership and recently, a surge in cybercrime. These problems have continued to drag the nation backwards and the Hushpuppi's case, was just one in the many cyber criminal activities, which have been traced to the country. These however necessitate these questions; why is it easier nowadays for the Nigerian youth to engage in cybercrime? How come many of our celebrities cutting across musicians, influencers and even politicians associated largely with Hushpuppi, can we say they are birds of same feathers? 

Although, Hushpuppi's alleged crimes are now in the public domain, the situation surrounding him exposed to an extent, Nigerians' biggest problem, which is greed. Succeeding and living large at the expense of the sufferings of others, without any iota of empathy. It can be recalled that, Hushpuppi showed off his lavish lifestyle on social media and in some cases, even thanked God for the blessing of riches.

However, can God bless you with what you have stolen? Our churches and other religious centers have continued to falter, in bringing truth to these set of persons even when it is obvious, that the source of wealth is questionable. Looting of public treasury is still rampant in Nigeria and in some cases, the culprits are celebrated and honored. What is wrong with the Nigerian society?

Many of the celebrities and Nigerian politicians who were alleged to have associated with Hushouppi in the past, quickly went defensive as they continued to deny, they knew he was an alleged fraudster. However, this is a quintessential example of the Nigerian society today, where people worship those who acquired wealth, not minding how and where it came from. Many may think that Hushpuppi's arrest was only his downfall, however, his travails largely showed what is happening in Nigeria and how, the country's image has been dented because of greed and the rush to have money at any cost, even to the detriment of humanity. 

Nigeria's problems cut across mainly these two;


To many Nigerians, Hushpuppi was an inspiration and one to look up to until he was arrested and his alleged crimes made public. This is reminiscent of the problem of bad Nigerian leaders, who still loot the public funds to the detriment of the common Nigerian citizen. Are these bad politicians any different from Hushpuppi? Well according to his alleged crimes, they are only in the same category and greed is the motivation. Greed and insensitivity has resulted in the poor state of the Nigerian society, with poor power supply, bad roads, inefficient health facilities and lack of job opportunities.

Nigerian's image seems to be tarnished both at home and even at the international stage, because of corruption and self aggrandizement. Where will this road lead us, if not to more problems?


Although people like Daddy Freeze and others who associated with Hishpuppi denied knowledge of the alleged crimes he was accused of, the situation has become so pathetic considering the length people will go to get something from rich individuals. Nigerians complain of bad leaders, however, the situation remains because those who are supposed to ask questions are mute. Values are traded for riches and nobody ask questions about wealth anymore, except of cause the security agencies. Lack of value system is leading us astray and the future does not look good for the nation, unless there is an attitudinal change. The likes of Hushpuppi will continue to rise, inflicting pain on others if the dearth continues.


The manifestation of the Nigeria youths outside the shores of this country, is a constant reflection of the ills in our society today. Politicians, leaders and other elites in the society, have continued to set wrong precedence in terms of fraudulent practices, giving credence to the fact that all that matters is getting Rich without any recourse to how it came. Any society without strong norm on the acceptable mode of living, will always experience a free for all wave of crimes. Poverty caused by bad politicians, is leading some youths into desperate practices and it is almost impossible seeing a better future.

Unless the Nigerian society starts giving credence to values and norms, as it pertains to honesty, hard work, morality and integrity, these problems will continue to be pervasive.

We must stop worshiping money and fame!


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